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When a defective or failed roof leaves roofing contractors, homeowners or business owners with unanswered questions, a qualified roofing expert can be called upon to inspect the roof, assess the cause of failure and provide an authoritative analysis on the situation.

Finch Roof Consulting’s founder, Randy Finch, is a seasoned roofing consultant and expert witness, providing knowledgeable testimony for depositions, court hearings and forensic reports. Having provided his expertise in many cases for both the complainant and defense sides, Randy has proven to be an invaluable asset in helping to settle these cases.

Roof Assessment & Investigative Support

Whether a roof failure is suspected of being due to defective materials, poor installation, improperly installed roof-mounted equipment or substandard flashing or sealing application at the seams, Randy will conduct a thorough inspection to assess the materials used, the quality of the workmanship, the ultimate cause of the failure and whether or not it could have been prevented. In cases where a contract is in dispute, Randy can review the documentation to offer his informed opinion.

No matter the cause of the dispute, Randy’s expertise can help to eliminate any uncertainty in the case so that it can move forward based on a clear set of facts.

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